Corrupt fit file

Just did the Tour for all long race, stage 5, “Keith hill after party”. Finished the race, got my live ranking on the Zwift UI, hit ok/save and closed the app. There was a partial ride uploaded to Zwift, nothing in Strava or ZwiftPower and no indication that I completed the stage.
Checked the fit files on the local disk, there were 2 corrupt fit files, one called “”. FitFileTools did not help, it generated files that Strava rejected [as blank].
How do I avoid repeating the race/stage?

wait for Zwift version updated to create non-corrupt FIT file.


If you want the credit on zwift you will have to do it again. Or live worth the fact that your legs will remember the ride even if zwift didn’t.

Thanks for the comments all. I was wondering

  1. If we know what causes the issue, this is the second time I’ve had a failed upload at the end, AFTER the ride completed/hit ok. No indication of a bad network connection (have Live audio/video stream working fine in another room). Anything I can do as a user to avoid a reoccurrence.
  2. Does Zwift have records for all rides in their servers, these are tiny files.

The usual scapegoat is “connectivity” (though “Zwift not updated”, “drivers”, and “disk space” are almost as popular scapegoats…) The actual cause is unknown to us mortals, although I’ve seen similar when Zwift crashed upon exit (there may be other scenarios.)

No indication was ever given, and I’ve seen ride details not appearing in my feed (which I interpret as corrupt or partial FIT file uploaded.)

It is unfortunate Zwift is unable to re-upload corrupt FIT file upon starting the next session (as all FIT files are stored localy), but this is how things are.

Fortunatly, the FIT file (corrupt or not) is on your local drive (see Zwift support article here.)