1st Alpe du Zwift: Crash and Lost Progress


I had just completed my 1st time up Alpe du Zwift and enjoyed the ride down. After getting back onto the jungle loop I ended my ride. The application crashed immediately and did not save properly. I see now there is some nonfunctioning partial record on my.zwift but I can’t access it. I lost at least 10 km (downhill) and its a major let down after putting in that effort. I am hoping you can retrieve it. Thanks.

Sorry but it Can’t be retrieved on zwift. You can normally find the fit file and upload to strava though. Fit files For upload to strava are in documents/zwift/activites

Thanks for chiming in Ben.

I found three files related to the activity. One uploaded to Zwift no problem, but it is missing 10-12 km. The other two are corrupted but I don’t know how to fix. One of the two corrupted files says in progress.

Also, the activity is partially available in my.zwift but when I try to access it, the web page just stalls.

The inprogress fit file isn’t really a file associated with the activity you want. It’s always there. It’s never an uploadable fit file.

Ok, so that leaves one corrupted file. Is there a way to determine how it is corrupted?

Ok, I just logged in and now I see that I have also lost about 50k drops. COME ON

It’s not always fixable
But you could try http://garmin.kiesewetter.nl/
And if that’s no good try

Yes it’s very annoying when the upload fails or zwift crashes you lose all your drops/xp/achievements

@Kevin_Kellogg, it doesn’t change the fact that you did it, your fitness still improved no matter what gets uploaded to Zwift or Strava, or how many drops/XP you have. While these things help keep us motivated, the real reason we train is to improve our fitness and health.

Good job completing the alp!

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I used the auto fix at the Garmin website, but Strava rejected the file, saying it was “not an activity”. The filerepairtool is an executable that requires a windows machine, and I use a Mac. Thanks or your help anyway.

You are right of course, but it sure crashed the high I had from completion and then zooming all the way down to the bottom.

It is just aggravating and I will look to make another trip up in a few weeks or so.

You can try this one: www.fitfiletools.com I have had luck with it.


That tool let me get the whole ride up on Strava. Thanks for your help.

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Which one of the various things on that website did you end up using?

Sometimes I use the field stripper and remove the temperature and it work, even if the file does not have temperature… LOL

Or section remover, but I don’t remove anything.

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I used the Corrupt Time Fixer, and it uploaded to Strava right away with the whole ride. I could not find it and then I noticed that the date was set to 2015. So I put the fixed file back in the tool and changed the date to yesterday with the time fixer and uploaded it again. I then deleted the incomplete rides. It worked showing the entire ride, although it didn’t track the PRs or recognize the route automatically and such.

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This morning brought another crash with progress and drops lost!

The application stopped the moment I came through the final gate on my workout.

Used corrupt time fixer again but this time the entire effort was not captured after the fix. Better than nothing but this is not great, especially as these workouts are on a deadline.

Is it possible your computer is not up to spec, in that it is old/slow? Maybe the graphical demands of finishing the workout crashed the computer. Does the computer get hot during zwift? Are you running it at the lowest graphics setting?

It is a fairly new 3.2 GHz 6 core intel i7 with hyper threading. GPU is integrated but I am only running at 1080p and it never chugs or skips. I don’t think the crashes are related to CPU/GPU perf for what it is worth. These two crashes also happened during different events, but both while it should have been saving some progress, once when I would have saved the ride, and a second time passing through the final gate of a ride. I have some concern it is related to communication between the app and the main program.

Take the zwift log files and put them in the zwiftalizer website. See if it tells you anything.

Also there are these instructions on how to find windows info (these are separate to the zwift logs) https://support.zwift.com/en_us/sending-crash-logs-to-support-HyaQj6nfS

Interesting, I will look into this. Thanks!