Cool down bug #2

(Nicholas Rodie) #1

I never get awarded the cooldown star during workouts. I have no trouble getting all the other target stars. Bug, or could I be doing something wrong?

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #2

I think it’s a bug, but it’s hard to be clear. Even viewing my FTP video at one quarter speed on YouTube, it goes from the end of the cooldown straight back to the normal UI with no “Perfect”, star or “+XP”. 

(Nicholas Rodie) #3

Yeah, that’s what I’m seeing. I took video as well, just to make sure. You can check by going back into workout selection, it shows a previous score. Not sure if it’s showing all time best, or last effort, or something else.

(Lindsay Ruppert) #4

Great catch, guys! This is a bug, and a pretty sneaky one at that. We’ve got it in the pipeline for repair now.

Ride on!

(Nicholas Rodie) #5

Thanks Lindsay. Ride On.