Constant power from quarq when I’m not peddling

My setup is wahoo kickr and quarq dzero running latest firmware And Apple TV . Everything worked great until zwift changed and I need to used zwift companion for all BT connections. For some reason when I run power meter as source through companion app the power stays constant when I stop peddling.

I could sprint for 800 watts and stop and it would ride me around the course at 800 watts.

This is not an issue if I don’t use companion app but then I don’t get all my connections.

I’ve seen one other post w same issue. It does not appear to ever be resolved.

I’m running latest firmware and app updates on everything. This has been an issue for awhile. I’m finally submitting it to see if there is anything I can do. Thank u

I have the same issue but with Windows OS. With companion app the wattage from SRAM AXS Powermeter (pretty much the same as DZero) hold constant the last reported figure. This is not an issue with ANT+ dongle but connection with ANT+ has been spotty since the app updated few days ago, waiting to see if this will be fixed soon.