Watts not dropping when cadence does

Up to this point I have been using my pc and an ant+ dongle to do zwift with a really long extendable usb cable and chromecast. This wasn’t an ideal solution really so ended up getting an Iphone SE.

Did a free ride today and noticed when I used my Quarq Dzero power meter as the power source when I stopped pedaling the watts would stay at whatever they were before I stopped pedaling. I noticed this on a downhill when I jumped to 500w to get my speed up and then coasted down the hill at 0 rpm. The game thought I was doing 500w the whole way!! This is 100% repeatable as I later tested.

I’m using the Elite rampa smart trainer by the way. If I let the smart trainer control my watts then it works as normal but for free rides and races I would much rather use my power meter as the power source as it is more accurate but being able to coast at really high watts is cheating lol.

What the hell is going on?

We’re investigating this issue now and appreciate the report. I’m going to turn this into an email ticket so we can get your logs for the dev team. Thanks!