Connects to all ANT+ dongles instead of first available

(Jessica Hamilton [BRT Hellcatz]) #1

When opening Zwift, it grabs a handle to all ANT+ USB dongles connected to PC, when it should only grab the first one found.

This means that opening a second app to use the other ANT+ dongle(s), it can’t find any because Zwift has taken them all.

Other apps I’ve used capture only the first available ANT+ device. It would be nice if this gets fixed, as sometimes even when opening Zwift second, it can still prevent other apps from seeing connected ANT+ devices.

(Christian) #2

Hi Jessica.

When using Zwift, we might recommend that you only have one ANT+ dongle connected to your PC. We also recommend that you refrain from using other ANT+ devices on other applications, as that could affect the signal quality of your ANT+ connection, degrading your Zwift experience.

I Hope this helps!

(Jessica Hamilton [BRT Hellcatz]) #3

This is not an acceptable response. Sufferfest behaves correctly, in only attaching to a single USB ANT+ device handle. This is a bug with Zwift. How do you think a pack of cyclists in the Tour de France works with multiple ANT+ receivers?!

I can get Sufferfest+Zwift to work together if I start Sufferfest first, but when I want to do multiple workouts back to back, Zwift will eventually steal the second ANT+ dongle despite already being connected with another.

There is no hardware limitation here, it is purely Zwift’s implementation.

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(Amy) #4

May be having a similar problem here - two setups about 10-15 feet apart, automatically connecting to both ANT+ dongles and causing in-ride disruptions. It just started doing this around Memorial day. Previously they stayed out of each other’s way. Anyone else seen this?