My power meter would not connect, my heart rate meter would connect/disconnect several times, my speed cadence device would register and say my speed was 2000 mph, when I actually started riding only the heart rate meter would work sporadically

How far away is your ANT+ dongle from your bike? Think of it like a garmin, it has a short range to receive a signal. Some of us with multiple electronics devices including myself use a USB extension cable to keep the dongle closer to the bike.

It is about 4-5 feet from the bike. Is that too far?

If you have a laptop you can move it closer pretty easily to test that out, if it’s a desktop the only way to know would be to do what you can to move it closer, try moving your bike closer would probably easier just to do a signal test.

Check out this thread:

How do you do a signal test? I just went and bought a USB extension. I’ll try it tonoght

By test I mean simply moving things closer, try turning off other electronic devices that could be interfering etc… To “test” it out if it improves your signal. Check the other thread and you’ll see others have had similar issues

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USB extension solved the issue