no powermeter connection and no speed detection


i was able to pair my ant speed/cadence sensor and heart rate strap.

i wasn’t able to pair my stages power, although is recognisable by the head unit and my mobile phone.

also while pedalling i get no speed recognition from the software and just cadence from the same sensor making the character not move at all.

using a btwin ant+ speed/cadence sensor, a stages powermeter and a suunto movestick mini.

What Stages Power model do you have? Also, just to clarify, do you get no speed recognition, or does it go in and out? I’m wondering if maybe your ANT+ signal is weak/getting disrupted.

I have a stages sram gxp powermeter. Also i get no speed at all. I have rpm reading from the sensor but no speed reading.
The sensor is working with either my smartphone and edge 1000 as is the powermeter.

Desktop with the dongle is about 1m away from the bike.

We’ve been doing some testing with that same powermeter here in the office, and we’ve found that even 1m from the ANT+ dongle can sometimes be too far away. Can you try moving your computer closer to see if it fixes the issue?

If it does, you may want to consider picking up a USB extension cable to move the dongle closer.

Let us know how it goes!

Will try that. Thanks