Connection issue- avatar moving sometimes to not at all

My avatar moves…sometimes…help! Everything has been working fine for almost 2 years and last week, my avatar starts acting funky. Sometimes she moves and things work fine, sometimes she starts moving gets up to 50 watts and then stops, and sometimes she doesn’t move at all. I have a wahoo kickr paired to my lenovo laptop (windows 10) zwift version 1.31.1 Here is what i’ve tried.

  • making sure all other bluetooth things are off (my phone and anything around me)
    -my wahoo kickr is and has always shown connection to zwift and I have tried unpair/pair to no avail.
    -updated my wahoo kickr (it did need some type of update, but still no luck)
    -wahoo kickr app shows trainer is working perfectly
    -tried uninstalling and re-installing zwift last night and no luck this morning
    -I did get a new computer a few weeks ago and it was working fine. It does the same thing on both new/old computers. I uninstalled zwift from old computer in case it was picking that up and that did not fix things.
    -turned computer bluetooth on/off and set it next to the kickr

It seem to be some type of connectivity issue because it works sometimes to not at all but I can’t for the life of me figure out what is causing it. On ‘paper’ everything looks to be connected fine. Thanks for any tips!!

Hi @Laura_Brett,

Sounds like something is interfering with the signal, or the bluetooth receiver on the laptop or kickr is going bad perhaps. Can you drop a log file from one of the rides that gave you issues into and see if the bluetooth signal is having issues? Log files are located in your documents/zwift folder.

Another option is to try an ANT+ dongle on an extension USB cable, you can get them on amazon for around $20 or less.

Thanks for the suggestions Mike! Zwiftalizer didn’t show any dropouts with bluetooth and I tried a ton of other tweaks. I think I will need to go direct connect and hopefully that will work. I really hope my kickr isn’t going bad!