Connection Failure after latest update (1.49.0)

I’m using an old Tacx Flux trainer. Has been working OK until last update (1.49.0). After about 10 min och cykling I get “Connection Failure” for about 30 sec. I have the same problem both with Mac OS and IOS (Apple TV). Anybody else experieceing the same issue?


Force close the app and reopen it. (you should also force close the app after every ride - not every session, every ride)

Uninstall the app, restart your device, reinstall the app.

Failing that (at least on the AppleTV), do a hard “Reset and update” of the whole device before reinstalling the app.

FWIW, I had the “Connection Failure” (signifying a sensor disconnect) the other day. Force closing the app and reopening did the trick.

Another possibility is wireless interference. There is a support article with some tips for troubleshooting that. You could also try testing the trainer using the Tacx app.