Cadence not connecting to blue tooth

Hi, having trouble connecting the cadence sensor. And when it is connected, it is super slug and way off. Saris H3 trainer. Software has been updated and several calibrations. Seems like we have had trouble since the new 1.33.

Hi @Jason_Dillon, welcome to the Zwift community forums!

I was able to take a peek at your account and it looks like your Apple TV has been running the Zwift in the background for a bit. Apple TV treats applications a bit like a phone would in that when you exit the Zwift app it’s sent to the background instead of fully closing. when this happens the app will continue to collect data that can cause connection dropouts and failures like this.

I’d like you to try force closing the App on your apple TV which should clear out that data. you can do that by following the steps in this support article.

If you are still having issues afterwards, the most likely cause is wireless interference.You can find some of our best tips on how to prevent wireless interference here in this support article.

You can also try using the companion app in bridge mode which should help clear up some of that interference as well. This support article has the steps for setting that up.

If all of that fails, the next step is to reach out to our support team at where we can take a much better look at what might be causing the issue.

Thank you for your reply. I shut off everything and went to bed… and behold, the next day it was fixed…. I guess the old- IT saying… “but did your shut it down and reboot it?”

Ride on,


Sometimes that is the best solution, there is a reason we say it!

Ride on.