Connection faillure

Can someone help me with this. Since 2 days I have troubles with connection faillure while riding. Afther 20’ of riding my avatar stops pedaling, watts and speed disapeer and Connection faillure apears in left corner….?Processing: AE1C6E49-8AC1-4500-BCD9-E5B1E4049D22.jpeg…
Uploading: 67334BEE-4556-4D49-AD8A-28FB61A6851D.jpeg…

We will need more information What system are you using and how do you connect to the trainer.

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Thanks for the quick respons. I’m using a Wahoo Kickr core connected by Bluetooth to my laptop….

Can you tell me if this is a connection problem trainer <=> laptop or a WiFi/internet problem?


That indicate an connection between trainer and Laptop.

Laptop Bluetooth is quite bad with a lot of interference. I would suggest to find a way to move the Bluetooth receiver closer to the trainer. But I have found a ANT+ dongle on a usb extension to be the best in my environment.

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Thanks for the info…
It s very strange to have problems afther 2 years in this setup…
I have a Ant+ dongle si i can try tis out…

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Hi, still having troubles for correct configuration now.
I use ANT+. For power source I have Wahoo FE-C30725 with ANT , for controllable also (no other in the list) also ANT+.
Now when riding I feel now change downhill, uphill or flat…just speed changes…

Please help me out…


Everything looks good on your pairing screen.

What do you have the trainer difficulty set at in the settings menu on Zwift? If it is at 0% (all the way to the left) then you won’t feel any changes with elevation.