Connection between Ant+ Powermeter (Favero Assioma) and Zwift on Ipad

Hi everyone. My IPad and so Zwift doesn‘t recognize the Ant+ Dongle and so Not the powermeter and the cadence sensor. Has someone an idea which App I can use to fix this?

Greetings Stefanie

Hi Stefanie,
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Sorry, I know that this isn’t an answer to your question, but is there a reason you have to use the Ant+ signal? I find my Favero Assiomas work great via BLE in Zwift with my 2018 iPad Pro.

If you’re obliged to use Ant+ for specific reasons, I hope someone else can provide a solution for you. (In that case, it might be useful to know which exact model iPad you have, and whether it uses the lightning connector or USB-C.)

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Take a look at the NPE Cable device, which acts as an ANT+ / BLE bridge.

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