Connecting to Garmin Connect

New Zwift user here. Trying to connect w/ Garmin Connect but after I go to the connections screen the website just spins and never loads. I’ve signed out and back in but no luck. Any tips?

Hi @Marc_Marple

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Did you try using a different browser. Do you do it on the PC or phone.

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Hi @Marc_Marple welcome to Zwift forums.

We have an article on our Support Hub that details how to do that on using the Companion app or the website. Check that out here:
Zwift and Third-party Platforms

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That didn’t work from the Zwift companion app. When I hit the plus next to Garmin a new screen pops up then I can’t log in. Strava lets me log in, but not Garmin. Similar issue on the PC. When I hit connect to Garmin the next screen only shows a spinning/loading icon and never allows me to log in. However, I can log into Strava. Seems to be a Garmin connection only.