Garmin won't connect through companion app

I’ve tried connecting zwift to garmin by going through the zwift companion app, going into settings and then connections followed by selecting Garmin.
Once I hit the plus sign to connect, a little time wheel goes round but then doesn’t process to another screen, when I select others like fitbit, adidas etc, a pop up screen comes up where you would enter your login details for those apps.
I’m on the latest zwift app, so can’t find a way of solving this, any suggestions?

Thank you

Try doing it here:


Paul, you’re a legend, that worked, thank you :+1:t2::+1:t2:


darn it I have the same problem and was hoping this would fix it but the wheel just keeps spinning over - no progression. Damned if I know what’s blocking it.

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I actually went back into your link and changed to ‘World’ setting rather than US and retried and it worked. Thanks heaps.

I don’t have any idea why your link worked for me instantly, but it did. Thanks.

Previously I tried connecting through the site, the iOS app, the android app. I looked through router logs, browser logs, etc. and nothing work. It works now, but I’m so confused as to why. Your link is the same url when you navigate to it manually. Weird.


I had the same problem and your link helped me! I have no idea what the blockage was through companion app. Thanks again

Thank you for your link Paul. I just seem to get the wheel constantly turning round. Not sure what to do. Does anyone have any ideas?