Trying to connect with garmin

My partner is trying to start using zwift. We established an account for him and are trying to connect it with Strava and garmin. We were finally able to get Strava to connect but when we try to connect to garmin it doesn’t allow the connection.

He does run an android phone for his companion app. I have an Apple TV and an iPad that I can run zwift on. I have no problems with my account.


Connecting accounts using the Companion app seems to be less reliable than using the web site

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Hi @Dianna_Bridges, Besides the great support received. In case the issue persists, I want to share this troubleshooting So, that your partner can give a try. We would appreciate to let us know if this helps to fix it.

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Thank you,

We were able to connect through the iPad, but now it’s not logging any rides. We can open zwift under his name, ride, ect. But when we hit “save” all data disappears as if it never happened.

Thank you for all the help!!

What device is he running the game on?

I have Apple TV.

I race/train, he rides outside exclusively. I’m trying to get him set up to ride inside as well. We share the same bike size and have a vastly different work schedule so theoretically it should work to share set up with different accounts.

I’d probably try deleting the game and reinstalling it, but if that doesn’t help consider contacting Zwift support directly at

They have an annoying chat bot that may not help you but if you persist long enough it will let you contact the humans for 1-on-1 support.

Thank you for all your help! He got it to connect today and even tried his hand at a race. His exact words “this was harder than I thought” :rofl::rofl:

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