Connecting Stages SB20 with polar watch

Dear Zwifters,

Currently I ride on a Direto X trainer. But my wife wants to train more and i’ve tried to do it on 1 bike. But our lenght is way to differtent. So we don’t sit comfortable. Now I thinking of buying a stages SB20.
On the internet they say you can connect multiple devices on bluetooth. With my Direto X was it necessary to use a very low wheel circumference on my polar watch to have the right value. Is this the same with the Stages bike SB20? OR do I need to fill in the normal value like 2070mm?

I’ve searched on the internet but cannot find the answer.

Sorry, I don’t understand this comment.

i shall explain what I mean. When you want to connect an extern device like a fitness watch, you need to fill in the wheel circumference. But Elite says you need to do the following calculation wheel circumference / 12.1. Example: circumference 2095 mm / 12.1 = 173 mm. Than you have to fill in 173mm when you connect the Elite Direto X to a polar watch or other sportwatch.

My question is if this is also necessary when you have a stages SB20?