Connecting Samsung Galaxy S10 to controllable trainer

Could anyone tell me how to connect my Samsung S10 to controllable trainer (I don’t have laptop).


If you mean for using zwift, then on opening the app on the phone, you will be met with a pairing screen. The S10 has inbuilt Ant capabilities.

You will connect to the upper left hand option “power source” & the bottom right as " controllable" You will also see HR, Cadence & Speed pairing options. The latter depending on what type or trainer you are using, Smart vs Dumb ( mechanical).

I want to use my Bkool Smart Go as a controllable trainer. I’ve clicked the Ant + icon but not showing trainer on search

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Controllable resistance

The Smart Go has both Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity built in.
It’s worth knowing that if you want to use this trainer in ANT+ configuration in third party apps such as Zwift and TrainerRoad, you’ll first need to change it over to ANT+ in Bkool’s own training app.

I used too zwift on my laptop and already configured it then. Bkool latest update means your don’t have to do this anymore as well. I have checked anyway and its set up for ant+.

Phone still doesn’t detect bkool as a controllable trainer. Very frustrating

Only other thing I can think to do, would be to call/email Bkool customer services or contact Samsung support.

I have the S10 myself which connects to my wahoo kickr snap with no issues.

Sorry I can’t be of any more help, as I’ve no idea about your bkool unit.

Thanks for trying, I’ll contact Bkool, Samsung and Zwift support

Hi Matthew, I don’t think you’re going to get the Bkool Smart Go to work as a controllable trainer on an Android device I’m afraid (or an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV for that matter). I’m fairly sure it only works on a PC or Mac via Ant+.

thanks. I’ll probably use my bkool free trail and keep an eye for an update