Connected to Strava, but not sure if it's working


I’m pretty new to Swift and I’ve really been enjoying working out it on. Recently I decided to connect my account to Strava to track my progress. I have a few months of rides that I’ve done in Swift, so I thought it would be cool to see my progress since I started. But when I open Strava, I don’t see anything about my past rides…

Does Strava only track from the moment I connect it to Swift?
Or do I have to pay for the premium Strava account to get this feature?

I’m a little lost how this works, so any help would be appreciated!

I’m afraid it doesn’t do previous activities.

You can download them and manually upload them into Strava.

Follow this.

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Only activities in Zwift that are done since you connected it to Strava will show up. It will not upload your past Zwift activities. You can manually download the fit file for each activity in Zwift and upload them to Strava.

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Aaa, gotcha. Will Strava receive all new activities automatically?

If you have linked them correctly then yes.

Ride On!

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Awesome! Thanks for the help!