Connected, but no signal on Kickr and Tickr

Hoping someone here can help me. When I start Zwift my trainer (2020 Wahoo Kickr) and HRM (2020 Wahoo Tickr) both connect, along with the controllable and cadence sections, both of which are handled by the Kickr. After riding for an indeterminate amount of time, usually 2-3 mins, my avatar slowly freewheels to a stop on screen and my power/hr etc all read —
When I go to the pairing screen they all show as connected but no signal is also displayed. How do I fix this?

They are all connected via ANT+ dongle to my PC. I have tried taking the dongle and plugging it in to different USB ports, removing the USB extension cable and plugging it in directly to the PC but it still happens. When it is connected with the extension it sits between 6 and 8 inches from the trainer.

Hi @Barry_McGuigan1

Is it possible that your usb ports go to sleep do you have power saving mode on?

No, no chance of that. Both “screen” and “sleep” are set to never in settings and in power options we are on high performance.

Try loafing and riding in BKool for a session. Another poster said the BKool provided ANT+ diagnostic message that helped diagnose the problem. Ultimately he replaced the ANT+ dongle with a ALUN from Amazon and everything worked . Not saying this is your issue but it may help find it.

You could try Companion app Bluetooth to see if it is your trainer/HR monitor (not likely) or your ANT+ (which is usually the most reliable).