Connect Echelon Stride Treadmill to Zwift

Hi, I’ve tried pairing my Echelon Stride treadmill with Zwift and have not been successful. I’ll appreciate any tips.

I don’t know if it’s compatible with Zwift directly, but some treadmills can be bridged to Zwift using the QZ app ( @Roberto_Viola is the author.

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yes QZ is compatible with this treadmill! give it a try!

Thank you. It worked!


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Ciao Roberto, Come stai? I got your wonderful app and the app is working directly with Echelon Stride quite nicely, but not having any luck with Zwift. The echelon stride is not appearing in the pairing mode on Zwift, but QZ finds it immediately. Are there any extra steps I need to take? Grazie infinite!

Hi! first of all which is your setup? i mean where qz is running and where zwift?

Ciao . My qz is running on iPhone 14pro 16.3.1 and zwift on iPad Pro 16.3.1. I now get the iPhone to connect to Echelon and if I hit start the treadmill starts (very slowly) but I can’t control the speed with qz app. I can pair up zwift with the phone, but the avatar doesn’t move no matter how fast the treadmill is going. Does that help? Thank you so much for your help I very much appreciate it.


the fact that you can’t control the speed is normal: the stride doesn’t have the capability on hardware to change speed over bluetooth. About the zwift speed, did you pair speed on the zwift pairing screen? do you see correctly the speed on qz? In case I suggest to contact me by email to check this in details. Thanks

So I can pair zwift speed and cadence to iphoneQZ, but if I hit start on the QZ and manually turn up speed, QZ doesn’t register any speed and zwift doesn’t either. My email is -

Thank you/

email sent! I suggest to remove the email now from here :slight_smile:

Hi, Roberto. I have not been able to make the App control the incline. Is there anything im missing?

Hi echelon stride doesn’t have speed or inclination control by Bluetooth on hardware unfortunately

Thanks for the quick reply. Thr app does work great otherwise.

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Hello, I’m curious what devices you used to get your Stride to work with Zwift via QZ app? I’ve been working with the developer to get mine working with no luck. I’m using QZ app on an iphone, and Zwift on an iPad.

Thank you!

Samsung Fold 3.