Configuring fence when setting up a public event

Can anyone help? I now lead a group ride and need to configure fence settings for my event. Default settings are 2, 5 and 10 seconds but you can set for other timings. However, every time I change timings and save the timings return to default.
I believe I’m doing everything else correctly, using template on my club page and editing it! Do other leads have this issue when editing an existing event or are you starting from scratch every week with new template? As you can imagine its a real source of frustration as the fence can make or break a group ride if set too close or has no flexibility built in…Thanks all!

What numbers are you entering? I have 8, 2 and 3 in this order :slight_smile: I wanted to have 1 but the minimum has to be 2s.

You need to do that for each categories, without forgetting to confirm first and then publish. If you don’t do both confirm and publish, it’s not taken into account and goes back to previous values…

Thanks for reply, I’ll give that a go! Do you confirm and post each setting separately or once you’ve changed all 3 settings?

Entering 5, 10 and 30 seconds

You need to confirm each category… If you have B and C, you change stuff in B then you confirm, then go in C change and confirm, then you publish. Otherwise you won’t get your changes in.

30s fence though, I wouldn’t do… That’s crazy far! Usually a rider more than 10s away from the group is a flyer… But yes downhill can happen etc etc but still I wouldn’t suggest you to use a 30s value… (Just personal opinion from leading for a while now😊)

Thanks, I’ll go to 20 seconds and see how that is! Even for climbs?

Climbing is always tricky. Going up will be difficult for dinner, and others will simply push like crazy without respecting the calls of the leader. Then descending is a nightmare for light riders so you will have gaps of sometimes minutes!
Thing is, in reality, it’s not that difficult because there is something magic on bikes: gears!! :rofl:
When I am leading a climb at 2.0, believe me, everybody wants to push, as when I’m leading an interval training pushing 5.0,I have the same people😁

But yeah, even in climbs, they need to stick to numbers, and use gears, and respect the leader. So they should not fly 30s away from the pack at all…

Who do you lead for? It’d be good to come along to see how you use the fence…

Thanks for all your help and advice…just want ride to be a success and for all to enjoy it!


I would think about varying the fence for climbs. To keep the group together you would want the fence as close as possible to stop ridings cresting and hitting the downhill even 5 seconds ahead will take a long time to bring the group back together.

There is also the option whether you want the kicking fence. People in front of it for a minute will get booted out the event or the non kicking version.

Thanks for your help


I usually just turn the fence off on the climb, it is easy for riders to stay with the group on the climb, those that want to sprint up need to wait at the top or at the bottom of the climb if they want to ride with the group.

Remember you lead the ride for those that want to ride together, if someone wants to go of the front let them go.

The fence is just there to remind people that they are going off the front.

thanks Gerrie

I’m leading for Team CLS :grin: we have a workout I’m leading tonight 18h50 UK time.

Using the fence depends on the leader. Main point of having a group ride is to have a group and ride together. This week don’t want to stay with the group don’t need to join the group… There is always some who want to fly but then they don’t respect the group, the calls or the leader. And it makes no sense lol