Harsh fence rules - or is it a bug?

Lately I joined an event with a target pace. The fence was active. I was short behind the red fence. The countdown ran out and I was fenced. Thus, kicked out of the event. Is this a new feature or a bug?

Personally, I believe this is too harsh and demotivates me. I think twice to join an event of this organiser again. Or is it a bug?
Any opinion? Other solutions , like: send the rides in Fron to the back of the group…

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To all my knowledge the fence does not kick you from the event, it has been disabled for over a year.

To my knowledge some events ARE set up to kick out flyers: Events

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It’s kickin and I like it…

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Wow is it back. I did not know.

Guess it isn’t a bug, best to stay with the ride leader and not go past the fence or find a faster group ride.

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I’m not sure if it’s on purpose or because some events are badly configured.

This is a revelation if the fence is indeed “alive”.

@shooj - could you confirm whether the fence is indeed active? Or is it just for some test events?

If it does kick out riders, as ride leader I’d need to be more flexible when using it and warn them in advance

The last event I was in had the fence briefly at times and although riders did go ahead of it, they also dropped back without needing to be asked.

I didn’t notice any countdown either.

Will they add this to Pace Partners? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Should prevent people getting 3 minutes ahead of Bowie.

If the fence is alive, I would urge all event organizers to state in there event explanation, that the “kick.out.fence” is active. Zwift is for fun and not to play police, especially not in a social event.
Let me end with this: I support an active fence, but I would like to know in advance. :blush:

See the link @Jesper_ZwiftHacks posted you can see all events that will zap riders.

Yes but… how do other ride leaders get it? Is it in a test phase or is it on demand?

Would be nice for us organisers to know and arrange, if they so wish.


About 13 events get the #zapflyer tag when I did an event filter today.

Can we apply for the SAM (surface to air) treatment too?

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Hey all,

The Fence is still disabled as we work through a few more details. Some club owners in this thread are speaking to some testing we’ve been doing over the past several months working towards re-enabling it.

We agree that messaging and the user experience needs to be clear when we re-enable this feature targeted at helping ride leaders maintain a group pace that aligns with the design of their event.

The event in question was configured with the old kick accidentally. This was a mistake and has corrected this for future events. Thanks for flagging this!



Thanks for the clarification @Mark_Cote.

PS: I would gladly volunteer to do any test for the Zap fence anytime through our events.

The fence warning still behaves oddly like it did before Zwift disabled it last year. I’ll occasionally get warnings to return to the group when I’m well behind the fence - sometimes even when I’m behind the yellow beacon and the fence is far enough ahead that I can’t see it.

I don’t know if it’s connected or not, but a lot of this seems to go back to an update to that was supposed to make the time gaps in the rider list more accurate, but instead made them far less accurate. And it only affects the time gaps in the game, as the gaps in the companion app don’t reflect the same inaccuracies I see in game.