Computrainer and Android

Good morning Zwifters

Hoping someone can help. Is the Computrainer compatible with Android? I have tried a USB-USB-C connector, allowing the Computrainer to be “connected” to the Android tablet BUT Zwift does not recognize the Computrainer?? BTW If i connect via a laptop, no problem. My laptop is old and struggles with the Zwift graphics…hoping to use my android tablet. I have tried to adjust the USB settings but with no success. TIA

Hi @Steve_Ingram1 welcome to Zwift forums.

Development from Computrainer ended a long time ago. Computrainer’s heydey predates Android, so the only OS support (meaning device drivers) exists for Windows and older versions of MacOS.

Please see this Support Hub article. You may be lucky that you have an older laptop, because apparently the old Computrainer drivers do not work with OSX Catalina.

Thanks for the reply… makes sense.

I had the same question. Another app (Xert) has said its possible, but I have not gotten mine to work. The Xert video (youtube v=zaIR9LiWYOA) shows a Sony phone and a USB-C to USB female connector that then goes into the Computrainer FTDI cable. I tried the same thing on my Samsung Note 8 with no luck (in Xert or Zwift). (Zwift runs well on the phone).

A convoluted, but reportedly successful workaround would be to use the laptop and PerfPro’s CT Bridge. This will allow your laptop to use a separate Ant+ stick to broadcast the Computrainer as an Ant+ FEC unit (to Android). Although I have my doubts that this would be responsive enough.

Please provide feedback if you get any solutions to work and I will do the same. - J

BTW The Computrainer works great with Windows 10.

Thanks for the response…i think have settled on using the Computrainer with my Windows laptop…as you said it works well. Cheers and Ride On