Completed run routes bug 🐞

I use an iPad Pro for my indoor running and bike workouts. My completed bike routes are marked done in the UI, however the same is not true for completed runs. For example I did the 6.2 Central Park route this morning and logged back into Zwift and it still shows as not completed.

I don’t run, so not sure… but there might only be running routes in Watopia?

Paging @Run.10K.Every.Day

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Thanks @Mike_Rowe1 there are running routes in various worlds similar to biking. Thanks for referring @Run.10K.Every.Day

Thanks @Mike_Rowe1

Alex, I’m afraid the route you’ve run is not a run only route and therefore there’s no reward or badge for that.

Here’s a link that gives you details of the routes that earn you a reward.

Got it, thanks @Run.10K.Every.Day. Also, to note I now do see the ✪ icon prefixed to run only routes in-game, totally missed this as well as I thought they all counted :see_no_evil:.

Every day is a learning day.

Happy running.

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