Competitors Point Of View

Clicking on Someone Else’s Name in the upper right hand corner gives you their Point Of View

Currently this is working as intended. However, what are you expecting to happen? This can help us shape its usage.

It was a “tip”, not a problem.

Maybe we need a new forum section: “Interesting things I’ve discovered”.

We can then put items such as this and the keyboard shortcuts in that bucket so the developers and support team don’t worry about them. For instance, in this case I accidentally clicked someone else’s name and thought, Hey…someone else will find this interesting.

I’d like to see that person’s best times on the sprint/kom segments as well as a running leaderboard for each segment.

Having a “spectator” view would be useful. I periodically log in to see how many people are on the system. It would be fun to be able to view each person’s metrics as I mentioned above as well as overall standings.

If I remember correctly in indeed already has metrics on their performance. I didn’t notice if it was best time or most recent time but it had a few segments listed on the left w icons while looking at the person’s back. So it’s pretty cool.
Tood this was already properly in the “Tips/Troubleshooting” section, so I think we are in great shape and no forum changes are needed - we will all just get used to remembering which sections exist and what they are used for over time.

My apologies! I wasn’t sure. Moved back to Beta Feedback.

After switching to a competitors point of view, how do you switch back to your own point of view?