Tell me who I´m REALLY competing with (KOM/Sprints)

Currently; when going up the Epic KOM or whatever, Zwift show ETA, and a rival. The rival will first be the current leader, and will pop up 15 minutes before I´m at the top. The next 15 minutes, the rival will be a hundred people with finish times between the leader and me. This makes no sense. OBVIOUSLY I will want the name of the rival to be the person closest to my ETA, and thus, if I increase my effort, I will advance on the list, to the next guy I´m trying to catch.

Perfect logic.

Agreed - maybe not as important for Sprint - but for KOM, predict what place you’ll be in and show the time above and below for the next spots.

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The ETA could be greatly improved too, as say on a downslope you lower watts to start hit hard again.

ETA needs a more complex calc based on comparative watts to others and maybe watts over 30 seconds


In real races just like TdF they also show the next rider in time just as Zwift does. So I can inderstand why it works this way in Zwift.

Well… no. It´s not like when they´re 5 mins from the finish line they´re told "Cancellaras time is out…THERE! …Tony Martins time´s out … THERE!

If they´re fighting for top50 then they´re told how they compere to riders with roughly the same ETA as them. “You´re two seconds behind behind AT THIS MOMENT”, meaning how their closest competitors compare right now.

You are right when they have 200m to go, finish times are relevant, and they show next rider like Zwift does.

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