Companion not pairing

Suddenly, the ZC app isn’t pairing with the game. I’ve restarted the iPhone, iPad, and IWatch. Noticed ANT light is red but don’t know how to fix. Any suggestions?

Thank you

Hi @Maria_Saiz !

I’m sorry that the companion app has stopped pairing to the game. Some things to go over is making sure that the device running the Zwift app game, and the device running the Companion app are both on the same wifi network.

Since you mentioned all Apple products in your post, none of those devices accept ANT signal so I’m not sure what light you are referring to.

If the companion app is still not pairing up after making sure both devices are on the same network, I’d suggest reaching out directly to us so we can troubleshoot this further.

Or are you using the companion app to bridge the signal from your trainer to the game?

Yes I am and use ZC for bridging my iWatch HRM with Zwift. Today, ZC wasn’t losing the map let alone connecting the watch. I’m beginning to think this is a Bluetooth issue more than ANT.

Definitely will reach out. I was wrong about ANT, thinking it’s more Bluetooth issue. It’s been great with wahoo KICKR and Zwift pairing. Always a bit challenging with iWatch but app and Zwift itself not been an issue. Definitely following up as I use ZC.