Companion map doing 270 degree "rotations"?

What’s the deal with the companion app doing 270 rotations? Like there’s a turn to the right when cycling, but the companion map decides to do a 270 turn to the left. Is this an issue? I would get it when I’m doing like 3 kph on my gps-device, but not on the companion app.

I can’t say that I’ve ever seen this happen. Does it happen regularly for you? Always in a specific place (or places), or just random?

I get it at some (and the same) intersections if I have the map always pointing north. For eg, if a route has a turn off a road to the right, instead of the map rotating with the avatar, it does the spin as I go through the turn. Its not the norm so doubt its “by design”.

Might be an Android thing though my Zwift phone is fairly old so maybe something with non-supported OS.

I get it too on my android, new S21 Ultra, so nothing to do with an older OS. Always makes me chuckle when it happens, :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Ah, then I probably never see it since I have the map set to rotate so that my direction is always toward the top of the map, instead of always ‘north’.

Nope, also have it facing my direction towards the top when it happens (and at random places I’m so new that I hardly have ridden a lot of courses twice).

And a recent Android phone (Samsung A32 running Android 11)

Happens every day several times though