Companion Issue ending rides - Zwiftpower .fit absent

Since the last update, when ending a race or event, if Companion is used to end the ride, it does not save properly, and results in an odd shaking of the game itself, stuck on the save or discard screen. The ride will not save with the title, it saves as the date, missing the name of the event, race, or group ride. In addition, if Companion was used to end the ride, Zwiftpower does not appear to read the .fit file, and I have never had any issue with this. I tested this by making sure to end the last couple of races using the game, and not Companion - the title saved properly, and my .fit file eventually replaced the live data. I am running Zwift on macOS, Companion on a Samsung S8+.

I have the same problem. When ending a ride with the companion app the wheel keeps spinning and nothing happens. I have to go back on my pc and save it there. For now I end the ride directly on the pc instead of the companion app.
Windows PC - Companion app running on a samsung tab s6 lite.

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Same for me – using PC Laptop W10 and Samsung 10 cell.

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I was just going to open a topic on this as well. Tried saving my past few rides from the Companion app (iPhone), unable to do so as the screen on the computer hangs on the saving screen until I close it out on the phone. Saving from the PC saves as normal.

Similar issue here, I always end my ride on the PC screen as it allows me to control the “Share to Club” option… but spins forever and the ride doesn’t get saved. But if I then go to the companion app and save it there while the PC is spinning, it seems to get through as I will see the Strava notification, but the Companion app will be frozen until I “x” close that window.