Companion crash

This is a bit of a strange one!
I run the companion app on my iPhone 11 when zwifting on my wattbike atom.
It normally works absolutely fine except that when I go down to the tri bars and my face is only a couple of inches from the screen, the companion app kicks me out back to the home screen.
As soon as I sit back up again, the map reloads.
It’s almost like the phone is using face unlock to kick me out!
Any suggestions?

Does it actually crash the app or when you say “home screen” you just mean that it moves out of interactive mode and back into “normal/disconnected” mode? If the latter (which I think is what you mean since you says the map reloads when you sit up) then that’s normally associated with a loss of signal to the app. Is it possible that you are literally blocking the signal to the phone somehow when you lead forward?

You could try figuring out whether it was anything to do with “face unlock” or signal blocking by doing two tests (a few times each for repeatability):

  • Hold the phone with companion app on in your hand (not on phone mount) during a ride, bring it up to your face (sat upright or even standing next to the bike) and see if the same issue occurs, then
  • Leave the phone in the mount but just mask your face (sunglasses and a covid mask or something - briefly, don’t have to do the whole ride like that!) and lean forward and see if the same issue occurs

Should tell you which is causing the issue at the least!