Companion blue banner about game updates

Why am i not seeing the game update blue banner on ZC app the last 2 updates were there and in previous months it wasnt there and now today version 1.54 is out and didnt notify me that there was an update i have been going back and forth with zwift for months not really resolved im on android version 13 can someone explain this please.

Do you run the companion app on more than one device?

No. it use to work all the time and then back in may or June I wasn’t getting The blue banner on ZC APP to let me know there was a new game version everytime an update would come out it didnt let me know on ZC APP. The only way i new was from ZWIFT INSIDER and always checking to see if there was a new version. I got in touch with them many times finally a level 3 support reached out to me and ask me if I still had the problem and just by luck 1.52 and 1.53 showed on ZC then today nothing. I don’t get it i Uninstalled the app on samsung s20 a few times cleared cache and data today but no luck still doesn’t notify me.

Can’t really explain it but to be honest having the banner isn’t important to me. The updates happen automatically.

From my experience the banner comes up, when the phased rollout is over. Probably in like 2 days you will have the banner right there.


The banner doesn’t appear unless it detects there’s an update to be done. If the update has just been done it’ll not appear until the next update is available.
It’ll possibly do a mini update the next time when it downloads some manifest files.

Just talked to zwift it was a pretty big update. I have not done it im at work snd my apple tv is at my was phased out about 5hrs ago

Thats the way its duppost to work bew update then my ZC app should let me know with the blue banner there is a new game version


Good question! We activate the blue notification in the Companion app after the phased rollout of a game update is 100% released to all OS platforms. Currently, our phased release cycles begin on Tuesdays (at our US headquarters) and ends on Thursday mornings. If you’re in the Asia-Pacific time zones, it’s a Wednesday > Friday schedule.

When you see the message “Zwift game version ABC is now available for all devices” it’s truly available to everyone on all OS platforms.


I understand but I have been having this issue since may. Since may I have had 1 update sometime in August nothing after that until version 1.52 then 1.53 worjwd great and now nothing today. I have called in multiple times. Rowdy messaged me last month and I told him that it was working that was version 1.53 but today nothing. Can you please let someone know

Thank you

But it hasn’t been rolled out to all devices so that’s why you’re not seeing it yet. Today they started rollout to all devices but as an eg. only one of the two devices I use for Zwift have received the update.

Im updating right now and there is no Blue banner that notified me only intil i went into my apple tv into zwift there is an update right now im looking at it

It is not available for everyone = no banner.

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Can someone please post the dictionary definition of EVERYONE?


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It was available for me but there was no BANNER on ZC APP i check my apple tv when i got home last night there was an update so i checked my phone NO BANNER but there was an that theroy doesnt make sense what your saying.

It surely makes sense. The banner appears when its available for everyone, not just for you.

Its been on goong since may

Now that the game has been rolled out to EVERYONE you should be able to see the banner (it wasn’t showing for me an hour ago but it is now).

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The Companion message for 1.54 was pushed ~30 minutes ago. The alert will remain for the next 72 hours.


Once again i did not get the blue banner on ZC APP to let me know there was an update. I came home and my apple TV said there was an update so i did it. Is it not rolled out to me yet? im in canada. Last time it came out the day after. The new took about a day but i got no notification blue banner today. Any ideas why. I use to get them all the time like clock work.