Companion App won't stay connected to event

So as of today, the Companion App will connect to the event and show me the event/activity screens then at random (but short) periods throws out to the Companion home page and most times never returns back to the activity. I terminate the app and restart the app and the same thing happens. I could be in the middle of a message or opening a zwifters page and bang, back to the home page.

What is going on?

+1 happens to me quite a lot its surprising if it stays connected through an entire ride… very buggy

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There does appear to be some differences in behaviour of the Companion App depending on what you are doing.

When I rode a TT earlier this week, the app showed me the map of where I was all the way up to the start and then it went back to Home and didn’t even give me the option of selecting the Game option.

After the TT finished I headed off round Tempus Fugit for a bit and the map and other Game options immediately returned and stayed on right through the ride.

Is that how it is supposed to be?

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I had the same

Found the problem for me. My wifi network modem has a 4G and 5G signal. If the Apple TV is on 4G and the Companion App is on the 5G connection is lost and vice versa (since I had both devices paired with both signals, the devices auto switched to whichever was the stronger signal). I got both devices to forget the 5G and now the app works as advertised.

Same issue here (or at least similar) - Apple TV connects fine with my trainer, heartrate monitor, etc. Also connects fine with my phone. However, the Companion app on my phone is not making the connection to apple TV - never gets off the activities screen.

Worked flawlessly all last season - same hardware, wonder if IOS 13 is the cause since that’s the only thing that’s changed…

Yep. Same! Very frustrating.

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Same here using Apple TV and an iPhone. Sometimes it stays connected for the entire ride, other times it’ll drop out for 5-10min at a time. For me it started after my ISP changed our modem, previously I could choose 5G or non-5G connections and made sure both were not the same. Now the modem self selects the connection.

Happened to me today. And my event won’t show up in activities. London stage 3. I really don’t want to do stage 3 over.

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Did anyone get a good result with this?

My phone simply will not stay connected at all.

On my last ride it connected for a total of three seconds in an hour’s ride.

I don’t really know how to start problem solving. I’m new to Zwift anyway, but everything else seems to work. Don’t know if it’s the phone, the Ant+ sensor, a problem with my WiFi…

If you are using your phone for the Companion app I think you should start there. Try turning the phone signal off, so that your phone will only connect via WiFi. The app on the phone will ‘compete’ for a signal between WiFi and 4G/5G/whatever your phone is on, but the Companion app has to be on the same network as the device on which you are running Zwift. So, if the phone is on WiFi for a bit, and then switches to using your phone network, you will lose connection.

You might also try setting your WiFi router to use a fixed channel, instead of scanning for the ‘best’ channel’, if you have not already done so.

Personally, I use a WiFi-only iPad to run the Companion app, so I haven’t had to deal with the ‘signal fighting’, but it seems to be a common theme for folks who have issues with the Companion app staying connected.