Companion App problem 2022

Never had a problem with the Companion App before, but yesterday it worked really bad. Lost messages in the chat. Messages showed up on the laptop, but not on the Companion App on the phone. Turned the phone off and on again while riding. Started to work for a couple of minutes. Then messages were lost again. When I wrote in the group chat, my messages didnt show up to the other riders. First time this has happend. Been riding a lot the last year.

My power ups did not work either. And when I tried to take a screenshot of the resultboard after sprinting, the app didnt want to “take pictures”. My internet works good. Same wifi-line on both laptop and the Companion App on the phone. Using a Samsung phone.

I also had the issue that I could not see events past Friday the 7th. But yes, that works ok now.

Sounds like the phone was losing wifi connection, maybe the wifi router and modem needs a power cycle/restart?

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what was the companion apps phone battery like?
i found that below 60% the ZCA was dropping bluetooth connection to my Apple TV ( several times, until i connected ohone to power supply)

Thank you for your support, Mike! We have done that now. Riding soon. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for the feedback, Steve. Many of my monthly rides are 3-4 hours, so instead of considering whether the battery will last, I always put the phone in the charger before I start …

It worked fine today!! So happy :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

But not working again now… Internet on my phone is good, but the Companion app dosent work properly like I wrote before abow… So frustrating…

I even got kicked out of the ride after 70 minutes today… So fed up with all this issues lately :sob: