Companion app or no companion app?

Why do I get zero stars ( or certainly not full stars) when riding with companion app ?
If I connect direct to PC I gain my stars ! It always seems much more difficult to attain rpm and correct watts, when using app…??

Are you saying that when using ZCA you aren’t being awarded stars for completing segments in a workout but if you don’t use ZCA you do?

The target power will be the same albeit ZCA displays an acceptable range that you keep the needle in. Also the cadence target shown on ZCA can sometimes be out compared to in game but that doesn’t make a difference.

sounds like you might be having drop outs that means your trainer is increasing resistance due to the power target not being met. this might also explain the missed targets.

out of curiosity, if it works direct to the PC why don’t you just do that?

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Drops out sounds like whats happening.
I guess I thought it was more controllable to have the phone on the bike, adjustments on inclines and or resistance and still get the Pc view of the ride etc…
I will have to stay with the PC.

When using PC only I get/receive stars when I achieve ! normally full stars, however when using PC with monitor and phone it appears more difficult to achieve stars and often get part stars i.e. quarters or halves!?

you can still do all that if you connect directly to your PC via bluetooth or ant+. then log in to the companion app and you’ll get all the usual stuff when riding.

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i tried again without app and will remain. I guess I did not realise it was either or.