Companion App & Lastpass password disappears

using lastpass on android 12 Samsung s10+, the zwift password is put in the password field of the companion app but immediately removed from the box…so have to input manually everytime, why is it not possible to save the credentials…annoying

I think that’s an issue with your phone as for me it auto populates from my stored credentials.

yeah happens to me too - it fills for a second then when you try and use it it vanishes.

was going to mention it too as i had a new phone this week so had to re-enter my details

Have you tried signing out and signing back in recently?

I just tried on 3 phones all different brands (and none Samsung - so that makes 4 in this topic) and none of them auto populated passwords. it lets you select your saved password but it doesn’t populate on the app and so you have to manually type it.

the email populates but not the password

Just tried that and yep it works but i think its possibly a password manager app that’s doing it rather than the companion app.

You could be correct.

I’ve had the password wiping (after selecting the account from Google’s default store, rather than a 3rd party app) itself from the entry field issue as well on at least 3 android devices as well (running androids 9, 12 and 14)

Thankfully it doesn’t tend to log me out too often!

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what phone do you have?

Galaxy S10 by strange coincidence.

Just tried on my Alcatel that i use when Zwifting and that doesn’t store it so it’s definitely some wizardry on my S10.