Companion app join the event issue

When i try to join to event with iPhone or a iPad after i press +mark check-mark appears for a second and return back to +mark.

Just checked out, that issue is only in next Tour de Zwift event.

Hi @Juha_Lehtinen_Team_C
We tried one of my colleague’s iPhones and we were not able to reproduce this.

Can you screenshot the screen where the error occurs?

When you return to Zwift Companion’s Home screen - Under the Events tab, do you see any upcoming events with a green “Going” mark?

Have you tried the power down / boot up the iPhone routine? Any difference?

Hi Shuji!

I did some testing and that issue occurs only Tour de Zwift Stage 6 event what was start 1PM

Finnish time today, it is event where i rode that stage today. That issue didn’t happened with

other events, so all is working fine.