Companion app interfering with power on laptop app - maybe bluetooth issue?

I use a wahoo kickr snap, windows 10 surface pro running zwift app connected via ant+, and then the companion app which is connected by BLE

so, moved to Ant+ because the power readings via BLE were spiky and I got signal drops. This resolved that problem, however i now have another issue which is that if i leave BLE on on the mobile phone and use the companion app, it seems to be interfering with/ sucking about 10% of my watts out on the main windows app.
I know this because if I turn off the BLE on the phone then the power data almost instantly bumps by about 10%

Obviously one solution is to just keep BLE turned off on the mobile phone, but thats no good if I want to use the companion app, which i do, so does anyone have any idea how i might fix this?

I tried to raise a support ticket but the buttons on the page wouldnt do anything…

you don’t need Bluetooth on the companion app if using ANT+. The companion app communicate over wifi.

so then is it just showing the data from the windows zwift app? Because if i leave BLE on then I can see the phone is connecting to the Snap.

that might resolve it though. However it does cause another issue which is the phone stops connecting with my apple watch :thinking:

There may be a app on your phone that connect to the trainer. Go to bluetooth settings in the phone and forget the trainer.

thanks Gerrie, I’ll give that a go later!