Companion app doesn't discover BLE on Android 11

Hello, two days ago i have done my last successful training.
Today i was trying to do the same, but Zwift (on Windows 10) was not able to discover trainer and hrm on Companion (on Android 11, Sony Xperia 10 III). The setup was the same as 2 days ago.

The phone was able to discover the bluetooth devices.
In the pairing window in Zwift, the companion app was discovered, but when i tried to pair the BLE devices, nothing at all was found in Zwift side.
I try to close and reopen, in the meantime the latest update was rolled out and installed on PC side.
I reinstall the app, restart computer, restart phone. Nothing worked.
It looked like everything worked except the device discovery on Zwift side.

Then i tried to use my old LG G4 phone and Zwift was connected to trainer and hrm in 5 seconds.

Is there any known bug or workaround?