Combine two workouts into one?

Im doing a sceduled Zwift workout later on which lasts 120mins. Right after that one ends I’d like to continue with a new custom wo (ERG), looking at attaining that 100 clicks- badge.

Can i go to wo2 straight from the end of wo1, and keeping all my ride data from the first wo?

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Matt S

Hi @Matt_Sammekull

If you do two workouts back to back it will be saved as one ride. All your data will be there.

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Hi Gerrie, thanks a lot!

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The Zwift workout format file (.zwo) is just xml so if you can save your erg file as .zwo then you could combine them in a text editor (or if the erg file doesn’t have a lot of intervals just edit the zwo file and add the necessary intervals - there is a web site with a GUI to do so as well).

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Cheers Donald,
I know about that site and function, and have used it in the past on a few occasions (when accidentally ending the ride on my Garmin when more than half to go), but using that method in this case wouldn’t get me the 100 clicks badge. Right? If so, a whole world of cheating just opened up. :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway for chipping in, much appreciated.

I don’t understand this. How would editing the workout file de cheating.

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I meant, if it waz possible to upload merged amdthus edited workouts to Zwift and also get drops/xp/badges for it, then most amateur hackers would have a field day. :slightly_smiling_face:

But if you upload a workout you still have to do the workout to get xp/drops/badges.

What i meant was the possibility to somehow upload a finished workout into the Zwift interface.

Sorry if im being unclear, english is neither my first nor second language.

Ok thanks that makes sense. No you can’t upload a finished workout or ride to Zwift

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