Adding erg/fit files from Training Peaks coach into Customized Workouts


I have just started working with a coach on Training Peaks, and he’s sending me erg/fit files to execute. I am on a computer running Windows 10, as I am on a CompuTrainer. These erg files from my coach have crashed the CompuTrainer app, and I would love to be able to upload these into my Customized workouts directly, rather than manually create them through the ‘create your own’ workout option.

Is this possible now and I’m just missing something? Anyway, I would love to stay in the Zwift world with these new workouts coming to me through Training Peaks.



Hi Craig, 

This is untested as I am at Work and dont have a ERG file with me, but here goes.


If you look at  _ _you should be able to paste the section between [COURSE DATA] and  [END COURSE DATA] directly into the top window, you will have to add numbers to left of each line (that can be done in Excel) o and you have to add a header row  Interval hh:mm:ss Power   look at example 1 in Zwifthacks

Interval hh:mm:ss Power
1 00:01:47 193
2 00:00:49 192 
3 00:01:42 142
4 00:02:50 212

Hey Craig - ask your coach to output the workout files from TrainingPeaks in the Zwift format - .ZWO files. Then you can simply drop them into your Documents > Zwift > Workouts folder. 

Thanks, guys. I can download the workouts as ZWO files already (Training Peaks gives you 4-5 options for file type) and to drop them into the Documents/Zwift/Workouts is the solution I was looking for. Thanks so much for your help.


Glad you got it fixed.


Happy training.

Does anyone know if there is a way yet to download erg. or zwo running files from Trainingpeaks to zwift directly?