Code: 112

(Cemalettin Basak) #1

I get an error code when updating the program on the PC. What can I do?
“Error Code: Z112 at line 602 in Patcher .cpp”

(Ales Susnik [VISION] (B)) #2

Z112 error is usually bad internet connection.

Please see:



(Cemalettin Basak) #3

I’ll try your comments. Thank you.

(Phil Downward) #4

If you are by chance on Vodafone broadband or tethered to the cellular network this could be your issue. I had the same problem but then moved to BT and it works perfectly.


(Osama) #5

Spot on! Thank you for this tip. I was using Vodafone Egypt ( Is this a worldwide vodafone issue- , hmmmm, maybe ) from cellular for the download. This was causing the CDN issues and indeed not fetching all the necessary files.

Switched to my other phone’s hotspot, and finally got it up and running. Thought I was losing it for a second.