Coastal tour

I’ve completed the first stage ,but it’s not showing on my home screen as completed

Hey Louise - We know about this and we’re looking into it.

It seems to be impacting everyone.

Sorry for the frustration.

Thank you really appreciate your reply :blush:

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Hey all (and Louise), we’ve found the problem. Please give us a little time and we’ll credit everyone who completed a stage.

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thx. love zwift. me too on june 5 happy to repeat.

Is it really necessary to give “HR” and “ZP” disqualifications on ZwiftPower for these events?

No - I’ve just fixed these for future series.

It’s used default “Zwift” settings for the series which are set to remove riders with a heart rate monitor or smart trainer.

I’ve created a specific “Zwift Ride Series” rule to prevent this from happening in the future, but it may not work for this series, only future ones.