Club, why can’t I add my ride later

It is super irritating to be exhausted from a ride, and the rides not just defaulting to my club when I save them.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to go in and change it after it’s saved. Come on. Let us do these simple things!!

totally agree, might be worth posting in the clubs sub section not that if will move things along any quicker.

This sort of basic stuff should be a quick fix and ready to go next month but we wait months and months with very little progress with clubs is quite frustrating.


Or have clubs be ‘sticky’ so that the last club you put a ride on is the ‘suggested’ club for subsequent rides.

But that might make too much sense, and could have people doing rides and adding them to the ‘wrong’ club.

It can go both ways. And I thought it used to be ‘sticky’, because I can remember rides being in the wrong club. Did it change? Sounds like they should probably add the ability to add and drop rides from clubs at will. Next: anarchy?

I can see questions on if someone should be able to remove their rides from a club when they quit the club. Hmm… Let’s get the ability to add rides after they are ridden before we get to that bridge?

In the old UI it was sticky where you chose the club on the home screen. Not they have moved that to the save screen which makes more sense but would be good to bring back the last used club by default

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I thought it was sticky in the past. And yes to the dripping with sweat and the idea that I need to ‘get this over’ and I click and realize I forgot the club. Grr… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: