Delete a Club?

I built a Club to test with. How do I clean up after myself and delete it now that I’ve determined it’s not going to work for me.

I can leave it but the Club remains as indicated by the name still existing when I go to create a new club using the same name.

Of course now that I’ve left the Club I can’t rejoin so will probably need to have support delete the club for me.

Talk about a newbie mistake.

I’m in the same predicament. I don’t see any advantage to Clubs unless you’re intending to run races or do group workouts. For social rides, I think Meetups are better for me. I did experiment and set up a club, but now can’t find how to delete it.

Agh, same boat here. Curiosity about setting up such fun as double draft got the best of me (you can’t).

Of course it now resides as my 3rd club, so I have that going for me.

I found this hint on "At this time, there’s not a way to delete your Club. But what you CAN do is just leave the Club. If you’re the only owner, the effectively kills it, since nobody can create Club events except for owners.

You can only be a member of 3 Clubs, too. So leaving a Club you created frees up a Club “slot” for you."


Made the same mistake, now I can’t delete the club. Very annoying!


I tried to create a club just to see. I quit it but I can’t create it again with the same name for sure now. Will it disappear ? I was the only one but nobody can come. it’s only with invitation. So I’m blocked.

See January Recap & February Update

Deleting a club is being worked on.


thks. have to wait now.

Also in the same predicament with a club I created. Would love to delete it as there is no benefit to club rides without all the features of meetups etc…

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