Club rides, I organize and I can’t ride

I created a club in Zwift. I invited a few friends and started to organize rides. The rides show up in my activities feed. But when the ride is supposed to start, I can’t join. I join Zwift early but never get notice to join the event, nothing. I do lots of other events so I know how they work. This club invite is different. Btw, OTHERS who are invited DO get invited and can participate but I (organizer) can’t.

After you create the event are you signing up for it? Just because you create it doesn’t automatically enter you into the event.

Yes, I signed up. Shows in my upcoming events but when the time comes I can’t join

If this happens and you don’t see the Join Event button with less than 30 minutes to go, then use Zwift Companion to remove yourself from the event, and then sign up to it again while you’re in-game. This often fixes a glitch like this.

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