Close to no access to A class races?

I got Zwift last week and have done 9 events so far. On Zwiftpower it’s got me in A+ pace group.

I’m still learning on how the categories etc work (i’ve attached a photo of my stats).

I’ve noticed some events for A class say the W/KG is 4.0-5.0. I’m assuming if I get 5.1w/kg in any race that means I’ll never be able to do they events?

If there is no A+ category in the race, you should be able to race in regular A. (That’s certainly what the orange plus sign is trying to tell you as well…)

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Also Zwift Power categories and Category Enforcement are not the same. They are two different systems.

If I get say 5.1w/kg for 20 mins in any race will that mean I can’t ever join the event I posted about? I’m obviously going to get stronger over the winter whole I do this but don’t want to only be able to do a few events!

No, A category goes to infinity power.

I would ignore that, I don’t know why some events say 4-5. It just means 4 and above. You won’t get frozen out.

Subtle brag! :rofl: congrats on the fitness.

I think the A categories are just infinite.

Zwift has me enforced in A grade as well, but probably due to my high w/kg. I would be cannon fodder on most flat races, my sprint is barely more than 550w thanks to my physical problems from last year. :frowning:

If you are racing for entertainment value:

Create a new account, add a few KG to the profile and race B. You will find a ton more races fill with riders.

There is no reason to be hellbent on racing A, where you have no fellow races.