Should I Be Upgraded to A?

On zwiftpower it indicates that I’m “Almost A”.

When I click the “info” button my average is 291watts/4wkg. Shouldn’t that push me into the A category?

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One more good race like today and you will be an A.

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I’d say trust the system, and you’ll be told when you must upgrade.

As it is, you can always ride up in the As if you want more of a challenge, regardless of whether ZwiftPower says you must.

(IIRC it also takes FTP into account doesn’t it, so it’s possible to break the W/kg limits but still be in a lower category I think. Not sure about that, as I’ve never paid close attention - I just do what ZP tells me.)

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I think it’s 4.03wkg or slightly higher avg for your best 3 events. I can’t remember exactly