Close summary / streak from Companion

Please allow the Companion app to close out the new ride summary and now the streak summary. I use it to control everything while on the bike from ride ons to texting. Not being able to cancel these screens forces me off the bike when attempting to continue post group ride to stretch the legs. At the very least add the closure countdown as we have with post workout summary.

It seems like this information could be incorporated into the Summary screen instead of being its own thing. Personally, I have trouble operating touch screens when Iā€™m even a little sweaty so I want to exit with as few human-computer interactions as possible. I have to use a touch pen with my phone and iPad as it stands right now.

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I can close the streak with ZCA - Zwift running on Win PC, ZCA Android.

please remove the streak screen completely ā€¦. just another thing to press when exiting