Climbing progress

How do i see my climbing progress twards tron bike?

If you have chosen the Everest Challenge you just click on that challenge and it will show your progress.

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David’s right.
At present, the challenges are still tucked away in the menu/pause menu that is only accessible after starting a ride. Zwift has just recently given that square a title name, so it should be visible to the right of centre as ‘Challenges’ on the window that appears when pressing the menu button mid ride.

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And if you haven’t selected the Everest Challenge, then unfortunately your progress is 0 until you do…


so, I guess the only way to check it is to start the program on my computer at home. you would think there might be a progress bar on the Zwift web site some where!?!

Thanks everyone!

Or start Zwift on your phone. You don’t need a trainer paired to be able to go into Zwift and check your Challenge progress.

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I keep a spreadsheet that tracks XP and drops. When I was still chasing the Tron it tracked elevation as well. I think it is a fun way to end a ride.

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I’ve completed the Everest Challenge but I can’t tell how much more elevation I’ve earned since completing the Everest Challenge for purposes of winning the tron bike. How can I tell how much further I have to go?

Hi @Jessica_Bailey

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Once you did the first step the percentage at the top will continue to count up until you get the Tron.


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Thanks for your quick response. I’m 100% complete but no tron.

Is there no “Zwift Concept” in the Frames section of your garage?

Just to be clear 100% complete for the Everest Challenge because the Tron bike took me 8 more weeks of climbing after finishing the Everest Challenge. Just for reference it takes most people a few years to get it.

Hi @Jessica_Bailey

You need to climb to 50000m